9/11 Criminal Trials -- Grand Jury Update #1 March 12, 2019

After 17 years of waiting it should be understood that our collective patience is running out. As a result it is my intention to see to it that the process that has been initiated by the US Attorney in New York City is completed. Since the mailing of the letter by US Attorney Berman acknolwledging receipt of the petition requesting a grand jury investigation into the explosive demolition of World Trade Centers 1, 2 & 7 on November 7, 2018 no further details have emerged from New York.

On March 11, 2019 I called one of the US Attorneys that signed the letter. Michael Ferrara is one of the chiefs of Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit at the US Attorney's office in Manhattan. I simply wanted to know if the letter posted on the lcfor911.org web site is authentic. In my opinion his response was one of panic and fear. He wanted to know who I was and when I told him I would rather not say he went silent. I repeated my question as all I wanted to get was an answer as to whether or not the letter was real and did he sign it? He then started to try and give me the contact information for the complaint department. I told him I didn't have a complaint. When asked if he had a comment about the letter he again persisted and tried to give the contact for the "civilian complaint coordinator" and that I should talk to her. Silence. After a few moments I shrugged my shoulders and said thanks for your help.

A little later after speaking with two different clerks of court (and coming up empty) I decided to call the media relations department and see what I could learn there. I spoke with a very nice woman who actually looked up the website lcfor911.org while I was on the phone and located the letter. I asked her if she could call Ferrara and ask him about the letter's authenticity and she said she would. It's important to note that she was not aware of the existence of the petition or the letter. I gave her my phone number and waited and waited. Nothing.

What originally prompted me to call was over a fear that our new AG Barr, a deep state swamp rat if there ever was one, shut down this endeavor to continue his legacy of covering shit up. Is that what's happening here? You would think everyone in that office would at least know about this historic development but I couldn't find one. The one person that should have wanted to talk to me didn't want to talk. What if I was a witness or a whistle blower? The complaint department?

Something's not right here. Time to turn up the heat.